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08 November 2009 @ 04:38 pm

Lol i love how live jourmal counts how many days its been since your last post :3 That amuses me...Okay let me see what has happened since I last posted? Well I started my junior year at a new school Forest Hill High. Its really mellow and fun. Right now I am sitting at home bored outta my little mind missing my boyfriend~~ Oh yeah i got an amazing boyfriend on 8*25*09<3 I looove him so much. Yeah I know I sound like a little lovestruck teenager but believe me he actually is really amazing. He hasnt ever got angry at me or yelled at me the way some people did >.> Not naming any names....He seems to always know what I want. Like when I want him to hug me he like suddenly appears(:. He is just so perfect. Lol his name is Jason Anthony Wilson. Yes we have the same last name it is really weriid I know...but we are NOT related in anyway. I first ever talked to him like 3 days before we met because megan was doing a group call with me, carina, jason, and carissa. Lol i remmeber he got kinda mad at me cause i forgot his name and called him Johnathan.......the megan started and us started making plans to go to the beach with a big group of people. I was all excited cause my boyfriend at the time, Alex, had just gotten back from chicago and he was going to come. In the end he never did but now I am happy he didnt cause then things probably wouldnt be the way they are now. Anywho back to the story, we ended up going to the beach with, Carissa, Megan, Carina, Kortney, Emmaul, Zack, Ryan, Matt, and Jason. Okay so me, megan, kortney, zack, matt, and carina were waiting fer Carissa and Jason cause they were ridding the bus to lake worth, I was REALLY REALLY HYPER, and when I first saw Jason I said to Carina, "You never told me he was cute!" But i didnt try anything cause i was still with alex. Anyway we just hung out the whole day at the beach and it took me like 3 hours to realize he was flirting with me, THen I was all like o.o and I had to have this loong talk with carina about what i should do cause i knew I was going to forest hill and alex didnt know yet. And so she said we should just end it cause it wasnt going to work and so me and alex broke up. But like the day we went to the beach was two weeks before school was going to start and the whole two weeks i could NOT stop thinking about that amazing boy<3. So then a few days before school started i was at megans house and i got to talk to him on the phone and it was really fun and funny. THen when school started i was all nervous and crude whenever he was around, it was really bad i turned red and everything (i still do). The on 8/24/09 megan called me at night and was all like, "YOu'll never guess who just called me." I was like who and stuff and she told me it was jason and i was like oookay? Then she was like, "He was going to ask you out today. but he got nervous. So he is going to ask you tomorrow." I just like froze and I think my heart stopped beating for a while and then i completly freaked! The next day carina came up to me and told me and was all hyper and stuff while i swear i was going to die. The me, carina, and megan hung out in mr. z class room fer like 10 mintues until Carina said, "Oh yeah we got to go take Kristina to go get her boyfriend." I was soooo bervous so i tried to liek stall but it didnt work and we went to where everyone in our little group hangs out at and he ws like there so i shook off Carina and went to talk to Alexis before he saw me. But of cousre Carissa arrived and she made sure he saw me and he came over and i gave he like a nervous little hug. THen we liek stood there in silence and carissa was just like, "So whats going on." I turned like red as hell and i think my face was going to burn off. Anyway to cut it short after much beating around the bussh (I've always wanted to say that) he asked me out(: I was so happy. And now we are together and he is the most amazing boy I have ever dated. I hate when people say things like thsi but i am going to say it anyway, we were made fer each other<3
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Littering, long showers, not recycling... What's your biggest pet peeve about the way some people (mis)treat our planet?
Hobo peeing on the ground. Its so damn gross and it cant be good. Oh and killing animals.
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21 May 2009 @ 02:35 pm
Should we just be handing over the car keys when kids turn 16? Why or why not?
Yes, by then they learned not to be completly stupid or reckless.
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21 May 2009 @ 02:33 pm
Accidents happen all the time, and often we walk away miraculously uninjured. What has been your closest call with avoiding serious harm in an accident?
I got attacked by a dragon. It was like 100 feet tall. It was scary. It ate my sister though...................
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07 May 2009 @ 03:07 pm
If you discovered a new planet, what would you name it?
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05 May 2009 @ 07:51 pm
There are many roads to LiveJournal—how did you first hear about LJ?
From my buddie tenten
03 May 2009 @ 06:55 pm
Our friends don't always know us as well as they think, particularly when it comes to likes and dislikes. Which popular book, movie, band, food, TV show, etc. would your friends be surprised to hear that you don't like?
I dont know, I hated that show Evan Stevens.
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30 April 2009 @ 07:13 pm
Are you worried about catching the swine flu? Do you have a plan for avoiding contagion or dealing with quarantine?
I am seriously scared, I have been washing my hands like every hour, and putting hand santinizer on. I really dont want to get it.
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29 April 2009 @ 10:54 pm

Hello everyone and welcome to one of my fan fictions, please take a seat where ever you want just be careful of Peeves, he has been known to cause a ruckus when ever I am trying to write. Just kidding! Okay so I was reading the fifth book and I was randomly thinking of strange things so I just sorta came up with this. Hope you enjoy! Oh, I don't agree with Flames!!

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter.
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29 April 2009 @ 05:43 am
How long could you survive on your own in the wild?
About 10 minutes,then I would see a bug and flip out.
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